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Patchouli Essential Oil - 10ml

Patchouli Essential Oil - 10ml

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Patchouli Oil Benefits

Patchouli with its sophisticated woody scent!

Patchouli is often used as a woody base note in the perfume industry. It is one of the indispensable notes of men's perfumes. Because of its high viscosity, it helps to increase the permanence of the perfumes it is included in.

It has a grounding and rooting scent. With this feature, it is said to have a reducing effect on mood changes. At the same time, with its mosquito repellent effect, it is frequently encountered in natural fly repellent formulas.

You can use it as a base note in your own perfumes and as a mosquito repellent in your natural fly repellent formulas. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac for men, adding a few drops to a censer to scent the environment.

WARNING: It can not be taken into the mouth, should not be swallowed. It is not recommended for people with bleeding disorders and pre-surgical use. A doctor should be consulted before use.

Content: 100% Pure Pogostemon cablin leaf o il


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