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Lemon Essential Oil - 10ml

Lemon Essential Oil - 10ml

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Benefits of Lemon Oil

Lemon essential oil, with its refreshing, refreshing, cleansing and purifying properties, is an essential oil for every home.

We can use lemon essential oil at many points in our lives:

- In making a purifying skin care product for oily skin,

- With its antiseptic feature and pleasant smell in cleaning products;

- When making a hair tonic to help your itchy scalp or a hair care oil to increase the shine of your hair

-To relieve your breathing, you can use it in the censer by dripping 1-2 drops into the water along with refreshing oils such as eucalyptus and mint.

ATTENTION : Lemon oil has a photosensitizing effect, may cause sensitivity to the sun and UV rays on the skin. Therefore, it is not recommended to go out to the sun for about 12 hours after using products containing lemon oil and to use a solarium. It cannot be taken in the mouth. It should not be swallowed.

Content: 100% Pure Citrus Lemon Peel Oil

Cold Press & Distillation

Origin: Italy

WARNINGS : Due to its high Limonene content, it is recommended to store it away from heat and sunlight, in a cool and, if possible, in the refrigerator.

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