Preliminary Information Form


This Preliminary Information Form (“Form”) is sent to the customers who will purchase the Products offered for sale by the Company on the website (“Site”) with the customers (“Buyer”) and Küçükbakkalköy Mah. Defne Sok. Regarding the Distance Sales Agreement between Tansu Celepoğlu (Larherbal) (“Company”), the seller at the address No:1 D:3 Ataşehir/İstanbul, the Buyer, Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers (“TKHK”), Distanceliv Contracts Regulation It has been prepared for the purpose of informing in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation, especially the (“Regulation”).

The Buyer shall be obliged to pay the price of the product subject to the order upon the approval of the order to be placed on the Site.

The Buyer will always be able to access the Form and the Distance Sales Agreement he has signed from the Member Account on the Site. In any case, the Preliminary Information Form and the Distance Sales Contract will be sent to the e-mail address defined in the Buyer's Member Account with a confirmation e-mail containing the price details of the Product and will always be open to the Buyer's inspection.



Title: Tansu Celepoğlu

Address: Küçükbakkalköy Mah. Defne Sok. No:1 D:3 Ataşehir/Ist

MERSIS Number: 04050469473200001

IBAN Number: TR06 0006 2001 5780 0006 2986 93

Phone Number: 0539 272 71 94


Customer Service: 0539 272 71 94

Professional Chamber of which he is a member: Istanbul Chamber of Commerce



Name/Surname: [name/surname]

Phone Number:[phone]

Address: [address]

Email: [email]



The product, the details of which are given below, will be sent by the Company to the address specified by the Buyer and within the time interval specified when ordering through the Site, at the Company's expense, in accordance with the provisions of the Distance Sales Contract.

Information about the product:


• Order number: [orderno]


• Delivery Fee: For orders with cargo , a fixed fee of 19.99 TL is charged for 2 50 TL and below. Delivery is free for orders of 250 TL or more. A fixed fee of 19.99TL is charged for special courier delivery for orders with selected dates within Istanbul.



If the Buyer (delivery person) cannot be found at the time of delivery of the order, the order is delivered to the Buyer.

It can be delivered to a person who can deliver it by taking his name and signature. The buyer is also responsible for such a delivery.

A delivery that complies with the Distance Sales Agreement and does not violate the Company's obligations

accepts, declares and undertakes that Information about the person receiving the order, sms

and transmitted to the Buyer via e-mail. Deliveries to public and private institutions

done within the framework of delivery procedures.




6.1. Buyer; Regarding the sale of the Product, TKHK, Regulation provisions and Distance Sales

Within the scope of the contract, the product is delivered to itself or to the person/organization at the address indicated.

No legal or criminal liability within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of

the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods without undertaking and giving any reason

can use. However, the Buyer's choices and demands of the Product to be purchased within the scope of the Site

in accordance with Article 15 of the Regulation, if it has been specially prepared for the Buyer.

In accordance with the exceptions in the Buyer,

or the right of withdrawal within the scope of the Distance Sales Agreement regarding the perishable Product.

cannot use.

6.2. Buyer accepts the Distance Selling Agreement or any corresponding offer.

accepts in advance that he has been informed by the Company through this Form before submitting it.

The expenses arising from the exercise of the right of withdrawal belong to the Company.

6.3. In order to use the right of withdrawal, the Buyer must make the following statements of the Company within 14 (fourteen) days.

the right of withdrawal to the Company by registered mail, fax or e-mail in accordance with the information provided.

should report its use. The buyer will be able to choose any of the listed ways.

The address where the notification of withdrawal will be made by registered mail: Küçükbakkalköy Mah. Put Defne. No:1 D:3 Atasehir/Istanbul

Email address:

6.4. In case the right of withdrawal is exercised, (i) to the Buyer or to the recipient of the Product on behalf of the Buyer.

the invoice of the product delivered to the person, (If the invoice of the product to be returned is corporate,

When returning it, it is sent with the return invoice issued by the institution.

required. Order returns, invoices of which are issued on behalf of institutions, are not issued with return invoices.

otherwise, it will not be completed.), (ii) In order for the Buyer to exercise its right of withdrawal,

to fill in the return form sent to him together with the product's invoice and this return form.

together with the cargo company to be selected by the Buyer.

6.5. The box, packaging, standard accessories, if any, of the Product to be returned are complete and

must be delivered undamaged.

6.6. The company, within 14 (fourteen) days at the latest, from the receipt of the withdrawal notice.

to return the total price to the account from which the Buyer made the payment,

is obliged to return the documents that put him under debt to the Buyer.

6.7. The value of the goods for a reason arising from the buyer's fault, negligence or deliberate behavior

If there is a reduction or if the return becomes impossible, the Company will be compensated at the rate of the Buyer's fault.

responsible for.




7.1. The Buyer hereby applies to the Distance Sales Contract in the matters determined in accordance with the Regulation.

It is accepted that the relevant elements have been communicated to him and that he has been informed about these matters,

declares and undertakes.

7.3. The Buyer controls the Product as soon as it is received, and does not

when he sees a problem, not accepting the product and keeping a record on the person who brought the product.

is responsible. Otherwise, the responsibility of the Company will not come to the fore.

7.4. The Buyer must have paid the price in full before receiving the Product. in advance

In sales where the price of the product is not fully paid to the Company before delivery, in sales in installments

If the due installment amount is not paid, the Company unilaterally

may cancel their contract and reserves the right not to deliver the Product.

7.5. For any reason after the delivery of the product, the credit card belonging to the transaction

In the event that the bank/financing institution he/she is working with does not pay the Product price to the Company, the Product shall be delivered at the latest.

It is returned to the Company by the Buyer within 3 (three) days at the Buyer's expense.

All other contractual and legal proceedings, including enforcement proceedings, that the Company will receive the Product price without accepting the return.

rights are reserved separately and in any case.

7.6. Force majeure other than the normal sales/delivery conditions of the product (weather opposition, intense

legal 30 (thirty) due to traffic, earthquake, epidemic disease, curfew, flood, fire etc.

If it cannot be delivered within the daily period, the Company shall notify the Buyer regarding the delivery.

informs. In this case, the Buyer; (i) cancel the order, (ii) order a similar product instead

or (iii) wait for the end of the force majeure situation.

7.7. If the product price is collected in order cancellations, within 14 (fourteen) days from the cancellation

It is returned to the Buyer. Refund process for credit card payments is also a copy of the return to the Buyer's credit card.

and the amount of the Product will be paid within 14 (fourteen) days after the order has been canceled by the Buyer.

It is returned to the relevant bank within After this amount is returned to the relevant bank, it will be transferred to the Buyer's accounts.

Since the reflection is completely related to the relevant bank transaction process, the Buyer is responsible for possible delays.

The Company's intervention and liability in any way

already admits that it is not possible. (Banks do not reflect the return on the Buyer's account.)

processes can usually take up to three weeks.)

7.8. The supply of the Product, which is the subject of the Distance Sales Contract with a justifiable reason,

If it is understood that it cannot be obtained, the Buyer shall be informed and given the written approval of equal quality.

and price, and thus fulfill its contractual commitment.

deemed to have been brought. In cases where the Buyer does not approve, following the notification that the approval has not been given,

The price of the Product is returned to the Buyer within 7 (seven) business days.

7.9. The right of withdrawal is exercised or 7.8. promise of a refund as specified in clause

The price of the Product is in accordance with the payment instrument used by the Buyer.

in a way that does not incur any cost or obligation to the Buyer.


In the resolution of any dispute that may arise between the Buyer and the Company, the Company's

Records (including records in magnetic media such as computer-sound recordings) Law No. 6100

It will be able to form evidence in accordance with Article 193 of the Code of Procedure. Parties, Distant

In disputes arising from the implementation and interpretation of the Sales Contract, TKHK and related

the residence of the Buyer and the Company within the monetary limits determined within the framework of the legislation.

in cases exceeding the relevant application amount of the Consumer Arbitration Committees in the place where it is located.

Authorized consumer courts in the places where the Buyer and the Company reside.

agreed that it would.


Amount information for applications to be made to Consumer Arbitration Committees for the year 202 :

• In disputes under 7.550 ,00 ( YEDİBİNBEŞYÜZELLİ ) Turkish Lira, the District

Consumer Arbitration Committees,

• In the provinces with metropolitan status, 7.550 ,00 ( YEDİBİNBEŞYÜZELLİ ) Turkish Lira

Provincial Consumer Arbitrator in disputes between 1 1,3 3 0,00 (eleven thousand three hundred and thirty ) Turkish Lira


1 1.3 3 0.00 (eleven thousand three hundred thirty ) in the centers of provinces that are not in metropolitan status

Provincial Consumer Arbitration Committees in disputes under Turkish Lira,

7.550 ,00 ( YEDİBİNBEŞYÜZELLİ ) in districts of provinces that are not in metropolitan status

In disputes between the Turkish Lira and 1 1.3 3 0.00 (eleven thousand three hundred thirty ) Turkish Lira, the Provincial

Consumer Arbitration Committees are in charge.

Application to Consumer Arbitration Committees for disputes above these values

cannot be done. However, TKHK and related parties, especially the application to the Consumer Courts

There are application opportunities arising from the legislation.